Commercial Real Estate | Networking

2 weeks ago, I went to a real estate networking/workshop thing.  It was interesting.  I looked kind of sloppy.  I would’ve put more effort into my appearance, had I known, hm… should’ve known.  I dress a little down for work; no make up, neutral colors, and hair undone to avoid sexual harassment.  Which works!  When […]

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Fat Rihanna VS Skinny Rihanna

Have you seen Rihanna lately?  There’s more to love with Rih-Rih; at least, physically there’s more to love.  Not so much in other ways.  I suppose she’s been focusing on her popular and (maybe) successful make-up line and left everything else on the sideline.  Make-up is a great industry to get into.  She probably realized […]

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Uncomfortable at work

Ugh, good morning to you. My boss finally asked about my boyfriend except he’s not my boyfriend anymore but he can’t know about the fact I’m single.  I was wondering why he hadn’t brought the ex up last few weeks.  He usually does but I think he knows I find him annoying so he has […]

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Eyeroll Emoji

Everyone is on the backburner until I feel ready to see someone consistently.  So many drink-meets, no one really standing out.  To be fair, I’m not even sure what I’m looking for anymore. Since today was Easter, nothing was open, I felt very tired all day – from doing nothing.  Finally put my laundry away […]

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I decided to meet someone else Monday night since the original guy is out of town and he wants to see me Tuesday.  I can’t get back into lothario mode again – It wasn’t healthy for me lol.  I need to kibosh one of them.  I might cancel the Tuesday thing with original guy because […]

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