1.  Trends/Fads:  Just because it’s a trend, does not mean it works for everyone!  This is a common misconception.  We see a trendy idea on social media, in magazines, in shops, the people around us and this makes most people think “this is in right now, I should participate”.  NO!  You have to be realistic with yourself.  If you truly enjoy fashion and believe you have a great sense of style, you should know what looks good and what works for you.  You want to be acknowledged and remembered for having a signature look.  Don’t follow a trend and then call yourself original.  That’s disrespectful to… everyone.  Personally, I like being different and having my own sense of style.  I like introducing new ideas or hybrids of things I enjoy in that moment but most importantly… I love that people recognize my effort, signature looks, and tell me what particular outfits resonate to them.  It feels rewarding because you dress for yourself but other people have to look at you.  What do you want them to see when they see you?
  2.  Don’t add-on, be real.  I love enhancing features I want to show off or want people to notice.  I do it tastefully; I always want to be regarded as someone who put minimal effort but is still very presentable.  This means I don’t participate in adding “extra parts”.  I don’t do faux lashes, I don’t do fake nails, I don’t do hair extensions, I don’t put in inserts in my bra or apply sticky chicken cutlets on my tits, I can’t think of anything else.  I still wear make-up, I style my hair with products, I don’t even wear a bra some times!  (That’s just how I roll, ok?!)  If you really think about all those ridiculous add-ons, wouldn’t you feel kind of silly and fraud?  Embrace what you have!  Nothing wrong with being genuine and being honest.  At the end of the day, when you take off all those extra parts, think about what those parts actually do for you.  What attention are you trying to draw in?  Unless you have terrible nails, sparse lashes, thin hair, I suppose you have reasons for add-ons except you ought to know these add-ons make it worse for your case.  Fake nails make your brittle nails weaker, faux lashes ruin your real lashes, hair extensions pull and damage the only hair you have.  I could go on for days how I am against extra parts.
  3. Make-up; tone it down, clown.  I love dramatic looks but there is a time and place!  I would not go to work wearing bold lips and bold eye makeup.  I am not contouring my nose or drawing instagram brows.  If you work in a professional environment and you want to be taken seriously, I believe you have to stay natural but with a little but more color.  Browns, nude shades, soft pinks.  Maybe that’s old school but people at work still have to look at you and not be distracted.  Outside work, please don’t be too dramatic.  Overdrawn lips, bold/sharp eagle brows, heavy foundation, heavy highlight, heavy contour.  Unless you have a photoshoot, being filmed for something, a formal event, or a youtube makeup guru… why put in so much effort if you’re going to have lunch or running errands?  WHY?
  4. Photos.  Do you look back at old photos and regret certain fashions, hairstyles, and etc?  I actually know a lot of people that have kept it simple, classic, and fun for decades without any embarrassment.  That’s something to respect.