Over-booking My Leisure Time

I told myself this weekend was MINE.  Somehow my Friday night and Saturday is gone.  Thinking about it already exhausts me.

You know what’s an ideal day for me?? 
-Waking up not too early, maybe like 9am.
-Getting coffee, maybe a light Target trip (lol)
-Doing a little bit of face and hair (in case of emergency – last minute invite to something)
-Light online shopping or just surfing web (remember how people used to just say “surfing web”??)
-Medium activity outdoors or chill with a friend
-By 7pm:  Showered, blasting A/C, getting into next to nothing garments, lotion-ing it up, getting into bed with FRESH clean sheets, cracking open a book, and water or a really cold beer next to me.  Booooyyyy.

Sometimes I do think about my last relationship.  I might be cold and seem insensitive because my actions seem to reflect that… However, it saddens me how one can spend everyday of 6 months talking to absolutely nothing.  We can’t even be friends.  I am more than willing to try but he isn’t and it’s disrespectful to me.  It’s like saying those months together meant nothing and it was just a waste of time.  I refuse to regard it as a waste of time.  I understand some people need to completely cut-off communication to “get-over” someone or try to forget the entire experience.  Is this karma for the ways I’ve handled my past relationships?  The way I’d kibosh and ignore then pretend they/the relationship never happened?  I was completely selfish, insensitive, and childish at the time; never considered the other person and how they were dealing.