Strange Feeling

Of course I met someone else this weekend lol. Senior systems analyst.  He actually seemed more interesting than I expected and we got to know each other pretty well.  I was not totally attracted but his strong interest in me is exciting.  He’s not what I typically look for but it works for now 🤷🏻‍♀️.  He’s really romantic in a way that makes up for the areas that are not usually what I like.  I can’t tell if he’s full of it but throughout the night he’d ask me “why me?” and he’d express how happy he was that I finally met with him.  Apparently I matched with him before my exbf and once the ball started rolling for that I abandoned all other prospects.  I remembered his face/pictures so I know he’s not lying.

I feel like he was honest the entire night.  I stayed the night with him and we got to know each other in a different way.  We had some small pillow talk, slept, did some stuffs.  He asked me why I don’t make eye contact and I feel like that’s what the last few guys have noticed too.  It’s hard for me to take that wall down and really acknowledge what I’m doing in that moment.  Eye contact makes it so real and on top of regarding what’s going on I’m far too insecure.

I am a little hesitant on seeing this guy again.  I really enjoyed our time together but I don’t want to catch feelings.  I googled him tonight and found a mugshot lol.  It wasn’t bad though, drunk driving in 2007.  He was so cute in his mugshot pic.  Chubbier, younger.  He’s turning 35 in 6 days and I’m most likely going to see him again.

Meanwhile other guy/engineer has been okay with texting but not really.  Mehhh.