Commercial Real Estate | Networking

2 weeks ago, I went to a real estate networking/workshop thing.  It was interesting.  I looked kind of sloppy.  I would’ve put more effort into my appearance, had I known, hm… should’ve known.  I dress a little down for work; no make up, neutral colors, and hair undone to avoid sexual harassment.  Which works!  When I first started, I made an effort to look decent but I noticed it would draw too much attention so I toned everything down.  Wardrobe can’t be too feminine, attitude is salty, and apparently I look sick or really tired without a little bit of makeup.  After adjusting all that, suddenly the comments stopped.  I don’t miss it, I don’t like attention, especially that way.  Anyway, everyone at the meeting knew each other and were a lot older than me.  I sat down to connect to internet so I could follow the workshop – it was also a workshop for some commercial information and marketing service.  The worst person there (I always point that person out in my head) was a yappy, wasp-y, 30-something female that was holding up the lunch line.  She had to announce to everyone she had trouble shoveling a mountain of sour cream onto her plate.  She’s that bitch at the checkout counter that makes long short-convos and theres a line of people just waiting and forced to have to listen to the shitty convo.  Are these people aware they are attn whores?  It’s kind of subtle but when you break it down… it’s attention seeking behavior.  There’s things people do that does not require extra action/comments.  For example, someone who is honestly busy is at their desk actually working trying to get as many tasks done while someone who is not busy will announce it multiple times a day.  Another example is when someone has to announce what they’re doing.  Let’s say sweeping.  They will do it and announce to the people nearby they’re sweeping.  I can’t help but think about animals when they make a noise to announce they’re around or alive.  I mean, babies do it.  When babies are born, they come out crying – declaring their health and shit.  A quiet baby is a concern.  Omg, where the fuck is this going.

Okay, attn girl insisted on helping me with the sour cream, which was nice, but honestly I wasn’t interested in her making small talk with me.  She was there with some chump – they work together, she kept hitting him in the arm because she obviously likes the guy.  He didn’t seem to show any signs of interest.  Like at all.  He had my exbf’s name.  It annoyed me.  My phone prompted me to login to a wifi and then I saw that name again – who keeps their hotspot thing on??

An older lady that shared the elevator ride with me to the meeting decided to sit near me and make small talk.  It was nice, I didn’t mind it.  She was very motherly.  She gave me napkins, offered to get me a drink, gave me mints, gave me paper to write notes on.  She was a gem.  I felt like a fraud there because I don’t have my license yet and everyone was talking about deals.  We all had to introduce ourselves and I was really out of place but no one made a big deal about it.  I mean, who would?  The attn girl and almost everyone else didn’t know how to log on to the wifi.  So that was 10m of time wasted.  It’s shit like that, that gets me.  How do these people function?  Who is putting their clothes on for them?  I noticed one of the younger dudes taking notes vigorously and I almost lol’d.  He didn’t look up too often, too busy jotting down every word the instructor was saying.  It was a visual thing!  Something you watch to learn.  You look at where to navigate and observe the interface… what the fuck is there to write?!  I looked at his notes and it was retarded.  Again, how do these people function in life?  My notes?  I dated my paper and wrote the instructor’s name and contact down.  That was it.  If you asked me how to pull a report, I’m not fucking referring to my notes.  Strange how some people learn.


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