Fat Rihanna VS Skinny Rihanna

Have you seen Rihanna lately?  There’s more to love with Rih-Rih; at least, physically there’s more to love.  Not so much in other ways.  I suppose she’s been focusing on her popular and (maybe) successful make-up line and left everything else on the sideline.  Make-up is a great industry to get into.  She probably realized it would be a lucrative endeavor when she collaborated with MAC Cosmetics a few years ago – for a VERY well-liked collection which they had to meet the demands… Gee, I don’t know, 3-4 times?!  My instagram explore feed often suggests Rihanna content and I’m forced to view it because it kills time at work.  There’s this weird disappointment when you watch Fat Rihanna dance or act flirty.  No one really has thought Rihanna was super attractive before but she was always really good with sex appeal and her figure contributed to that.  Now that she’s packed on a few lbs… it’s almost comical when she’s acting sexy.  It’s just hard to watch her dance lately.  Do you know what I mean?!  She holds the same confidence but with extra weight.  I’m being mean now.  My thing is, okay, people are entitled to live how they wanna live but sometimes it gets to the point where they want to approve obesity.  Obesity is not okay.

So I can’t help but think I look goofy as fuck doing everything since I’ve gained a few lbs.

I hate exercise because I hate acknowledging how weak and out of shape I am.  I want someone to yell at me and make me do the workouts – that’s expensive.  Who wants to yell at me for free??

Can’t find a pilates place I want to commit to.  So many people go just to say they go, they take mirror pics, or they take pic in front of the sign.  I just want to look long and lean again.  I’ll catch myself, when I’m sitting or standing, slouch so much and I instantly think about how that comes off.  I look like a lump – someone lacking confidence and someone that harbors issues.  Was that extreme?  Anyway, the instructors at some of these places are obviously gold diggers – the kind that loiter Steak48 and Brasserie 19.  Not judging.  I actually wish I had the confidence to do the same.  Those girls lives are kinda made.

People have been telling me I look thinner WHICH IS MUSIC to my ears.  Comments like that are so motivating!