Uncomfortable at work

Ugh, good morning to you.

My boss finally asked about my boyfriend except he’s not my boyfriend anymore but he can’t know about the fact I’m single.  I was wondering why he hadn’t brought the ex up last few weeks.  He usually does but I think he knows I find him annoying so he has stayed away.  Today he asked me what woodworking projects the boyf has been working on and I got flustered.  I don’t even remember what I said and it just happened 10minutes ago!  I have a terrible, uncomfortable feeling right now.  It’s a combination of pretending we’re still together so my boss doesn’t get any ideas and making shit up that is nowhere near the truth.  I feel unsafe.  It feels like having a reputation for knowing martial arts and then when someone needs you to fight, you can’t lol.  Is that weird to use as an example?  I just know I hate when my male boss asks me these personal questions.  He’s always been mostly inappropriate.  If he knew I was single, ugh… cringe.  I don’t even wanna think about it.  I hate pretending and I don’t want another relationship before I get my shit together.  Kinda sad and feeling unprotected.  This coffee is making me ‘flux hard, y’all.  I want to upchuck.