Eyeroll Emoji

Everyone is on the backburner until I feel ready to see someone consistently.  So many drink-meets, no one really standing out.  To be fair, I’m not even sure what I’m looking for anymore.

Since today was Easter, nothing was open, I felt very tired all day – from doing nothing.  Finally put my laundry away which took 2 hours!  How do I know that?  I started the movie “I, Tonya” and by the time it ended I was also done with putting the clothes away.  I really enjoyed that movie and I’m glad I got to finally watch it.

I need to seriously organize my closets.  I’ve neglected them for a very long time, nothing is in order, and it is so hard to find specific items.  I need a new shoe rack.  The one I had fell apart and my shoe situation has been so frustrating.  I don’t have a proper put-back area now, so I have clusters of shoes literally everywhere.  A few in the restroom, a few near and under my bed, a few near my desk and chair, a few near front door, a few near backdoor – I mean, I could really go on but I won’t.  It’s a lot like Easter egg hunting.

Ugh, I should’ve asked the ex to make me a shoe rack lol.  Damnit.

I’ve been dreading this work assignment I put off last week.  I told myself it was the number one goal to finish this weekend and it’s 935pm on Sunday – I am struggling to find the energy to actually complete the project.

Yawn.  So it’s 2:14am and I finished that assignment.  Cat is extra needy lately.  Kinda annoying.  Found a little black boy named James Tucker on ig/yt and he’s the cutest!!  He says the darnedest things and I can’t sleep now bc I have to watch every video this baby boy has.