I decided to meet someone else Monday night since the original guy is out of town and he wants to see me Tuesday.  I can’t get back into lothario mode again – It wasn’t healthy for me lol.  I need to kibosh one of them.  I might cancel the Tuesday thing with original guy because things escalated with this other guy.  More importantly, I need to focus on myself.

I’m surprised I enjoyed hanging out with this other guy.  We’ve been following each other for a while on IG and neither of us said anything to each other for the longest time.  I asked him something about food because I’m a dumb fat bitch then it just went from there.  Like the original guy, I don’t know if it’ll go anywhere and I’m not putting too much thought because I’m fresh out of a relationship, I have to focus on me, and I don’t want to feel the feels I’ve felt the last couple months… does that make sense?  He’s fun to be with and I look forward to future …drink-meets.

I just canceled the Tuesday guy.  He’s cool but meh, I already lost interest.

I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting and acknowledging the good in people vs the negative qualities.  I really like how some people find the time in their busy schedule to give back to the community.  I admire that and I feel really terrible for not doing the same.  I mean, there’s some people that volunteer and want to announce it to the whole world but I see people who help and actually care then don’t tell anyone about it.  It’s incredible to me.  That doesn’t mean I’ll volunteer just yet, lol, I still need to figure out what I should be doing for myself.