Drink Meet

I call it drink meet, some people call it date.  I suppose it kinda sounds like saying “drink meat” and that is gross.

Song Currently Playing:  Dan Hartman – I can dream about you

I met a financier last night and it was just okay.  It’s nice to meet new people.  He wasn’t too try hard although he pulled out his Amex and it seemed staged.  We talked about finance and it made me miss my finance courses.  I had goals of actually doing something in finance and I let my misogynistic professors and father discourage me.  That’s the type of person I am.  As far as I could remember, I always let people’s words influence my decisions and compromise my future.  People I thought had my best interest; family, friends, and even teachers.

Break-up Diet
I haven’t really eaten in over 3 days lol.  I just don’t feel like it?  I chewed on a sandwich for lunch yesterday (Monday) and it was hard to finish so I didn’t finish it.  I had ONE old fashioned last night and it fucked a bitch up.  I knew it was stupid to go meet for drinks on an empty stomach but I did it anyway and when I got back to my car and drank 2 bottles of water before driving.  But before that, guy I met last night wanted me to drive him to his place lol.  I patted him on the back and told him to walk or Uber.  He texted me about 10 minutes later and asked for another date.  I went home and just crashed.  Best sleep ever.  I don’t think I even moved once.

Claiming Back My Time
Now that I have all this free time, I’m going to follow through and enroll in those real estate courses.  I bought an autobiography recently, so I’ll start reading that at night.  I’m going to either sign up for the gym/pilates.  I need to significantly reduce my shopping habits.  I have 2 other dates this week but not sure if I will commit to that.  Not looking to get plowed but just wanting an excuse to leave the house and talk to strangers.  But I need to learn how to enjoy time by myself again.  I need to figure out my meals.  I am SO over fast food.  I ate burgers so often the last few months, I see what its done to my body and it is so upsetting.  Burgers, pizza, and Mexican food is fucking great, ok?!  Don’t get me wrong.  I just don’t think it’s okay to eat it too often.

The Laptop Sitch
I asked a few of my tech friends about their suggestions and most of them were all over the place.  I have a perfectly good iMac at home – I’m going to tie myself to my desk and work on my projects there.  I’ve also decided on a camera so once it comes in, I’ll do my editing on the iMac and start uploading videos again.  Making a list of content but I want to be original.  Watch, my concepts will be so original, when you search for it you will find so many other people have already done it.  I’M SO UNORIGINAL is what I’m trying to say.  But it’s okay.  I’m going to wait for June/July for new Macbook releases.  I was going to get a Lenovo but they’re not good for video editing and any Adobe action?



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