Welcome!  This site was created because I have people in my life that tell me they want to know more about me.  Instead of fulfilling their wishes visually, I thought I’d torture them textually first.  THEN visually.  I will use this as an outlet to express what is going on in my life; this includes how I discover things about myself, what inspires me, my experiences, and everything else (including boy drama)!  Probably too much information but I’ve always been open about my life and who I am.  I look forward to letting complete strangers into my life.  I realize through social media people have these preconceived ideas of what type of person I am.  I am using this site to really showcase… me.

Some preconceived ideas I would like to address now:

  • Kimberly is an only child.  Wrong.
  • Kimberly is superficial.  Debatable.
  • Kimberly is uppity.  Playfully, yes.
  • Kimberly is high maintenance.  Would you want a low maintenance broad?
  • Kimberly goes through guys like no tomorrow.  IDK, read my personal shit to find out!

I appreciate comments, DMs, emails that come my way I’m especially excited about sharing my shopping finds, tips, and showcasing what makes me different from your typical blogger.  I really hate that word, blogger.  Video and podcast content in the works!

I love y’all, all 5 of you.