I can’t find the time or energy to finish that last post and Met Gala is so old news now. The guy I’ve been seeing for a month gives me nausea.  I make decent effort to respond to his texts but whenever he asks to see me, I LITERALLY FEEL SO SICK.  I want to […]

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Personal Shit First It’s been kind of difficult making a post lately.  I simply don’t have the time.  Sometimes I think about why I do this especially when I don’t have a huge following.  I know I get traffic on this site but it’s not substantial or consistent enough to make routine posts.  I do […]

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New Guy

He seems to really like me and it makes me so heavy with guilt.  I wasn’t thinking this would escalate to anything.  I’m not ready for anything serious and I hope his interest in me dies down.  I wanna barf about it.  I can’t complain about anything, there’s nothing wrong with him.  I just wished […]

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The boss asked about my boyfriend and I got fed up with lying.  I thought… maybe I’m wrong about him, he’s not trying to do anything.  I said “we’re not together anymore, it’s been a month now” and he didn’t even pretend to be sad for me.  IMMEDIATELY asked me to accompany him to events.  […]


Hurts To Walk

Is that too much info?  Lol So I met a guy last Friday night.  I was not looking my best but I decided to go through with the drink-meet because I’m notorious for canceling then never following-up with next meet.  I’ve canceled so much on one of the prospects that he’s stopped trying, which I […]

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La Croix

The moment it hits your tongue, you feel like you’re enjoying a nice soda pop.  Then you swallow and all the goodness of the soda pop escapes and you downed a bubbly bland water.

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I miss

cuddling and hugs.  That’s about it lol.  😔 need some touching but the prospects I have are too new.  It’s hard to really do aggressive hugging with new dudes when I’ve been so used to doing that with someone else.  Especially when you’re not really interested in them.  I have 3 drink-meets this weekend and […]

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Commercial Real Estate | Networking

2 weeks ago, I went to a real estate networking/workshop thing.  It was interesting.  I looked kind of sloppy.  I would’ve put more effort into my appearance, had I known, hm… should’ve known.  I dress a little down for work; no make up, neutral colors, and hair undone to avoid sexual harassment.  Which works!  When […]

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Fat Rihanna VS Skinny Rihanna

Have you seen Rihanna lately?  There’s more to love with Rih-Rih; at least, physically there’s more to love.  Not so much in other ways.  I suppose she’s been focusing on her popular and (maybe) successful make-up line and left everything else on the sideline.  Make-up is a great industry to get into.  She probably realized […]

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Uncomfortable at work

Ugh, good morning to you. My boss finally asked about my boyfriend except he’s not my boyfriend anymore but he can’t know about the fact I’m single.  I was wondering why he hadn’t brought the ex up last few weeks.  He usually does but I think he knows I find him annoying so he has […]

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Eyeroll Emoji

Everyone is on the backburner until I feel ready to see someone consistently.  So many drink-meets, no one really standing out.  To be fair, I’m not even sure what I’m looking for anymore. Since today was Easter, nothing was open, I felt very tired all day – from doing nothing.  Finally put my laundry away […]

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I decided to meet someone else Monday night since the original guy is out of town and he wants to see me Tuesday.  I can’t get back into lothario mode again – It wasn’t healthy for me lol.  I need to kibosh one of them.  I might cancel the Tuesday thing with original guy because […]

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New Me, New B(itch)

I’m excited for my new endeavors! Conversations are pretty good with the guy I met last Monday.  I’m not taking it seriously at all but I realized a few days ago I will need someone to use.  Is that too real for me to mention on a public blog?  It’s the truth.  He’s an excuse […]

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Drink Meet

I call it drink meet, some people call it date.  I suppose it kinda sounds like saying “drink meat” and that is gross. Song Currently Playing:  Dan Hartman – I can dream about you Drink-Meet I met a financier last night and it was just okay.  It’s nice to meet new people.  He wasn’t too try […]

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Writing More Often

It’s been rough pretending nothing is going on with me while at work.  My boss is being classic dunce and thank goodness Evan is being more than a decent friend the last few days.  I appreciate him being more available via text even though he has a crazy work life.  Instead of unloading all this […]

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Feeling better but angry

It’s wrong because it’s so soon but I’m meeting with someone Monday night at Reserve 101 for drinks.  When I dated the ex, I abandoned my friendships, I stopped doing things for me.  We didn’t go out so when this new guy asked me what I like to do for fun, I almost said watching […]

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Wubba Lubba Dub Dub

Where to begin? I’m writing this really late on March 15.   I never had serious trouble making the guys I dated take me somewhere I wanted but somehow my boyfriend doesn’t want to go anywhere with me unless it’s something he really wants to do.  The guys before him would spontaneously take me to […]

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Getting Tested

For STDs? I hope I don’t have to. Real Estate license? I’m putting that on back-burner. Consistently negative occurrences in my relationship that remind me that I could potentially end up like my mother or alone and that both routes are just positively depressing, abusive, and self-loathing? Bingo, bucko. I hated taking exams in school. […]

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Sony PSPixxx.

It started off cold today but warmed up by midday.  I got a text from Evan about the weather change for tomorrow “lol its supposed to snow…”.  So now I’m sitting here writing this because I feel like I have the time – everything is closed tomorrow anyway.  It’s been a while since I’ve talked […]

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Feeling Randy

EDIT:  I am leaving a lot of moments out.  Too personal to share for now but he was not a cold person.  He was affectionate, honest, generally positive, and incredibly likable. I’ve been meaning to get back into my writing.  Not because I think I’m a good writer but it is a good outlet for […]

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Over-booking My Leisure Time

I told myself this weekend was MINE.  Somehow my Friday night and Saturday is gone.  Thinking about it already exhausts me. You know what’s an ideal day for me??  -Waking up not too early, maybe like 9am. -Getting coffee, maybe a light Target trip (lol) -Doing a little bit of face and hair (in case […]

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Strange Feeling

Of course I met someone else this weekend lol. Senior systems analyst.  He actually seemed more interesting than I expected and we got to know each other pretty well.  I was not totally attracted but his strong interest in me is exciting.  He’s not what I typically look for but it works for now 🤷🏻‍♀️. […]

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